Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) In New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

Last updated on July 24, 2024

After a work injury, workers’ compensation can be a lifeline, ensuring medical treatment and replacing lost earnings. But how long will your benefits last? Will they see you through your injury-related hardships?

Reaching Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) could end your benefits sooner than expected. Let the workers’ compensation attorneys at Parisi & Gerlanc, Attorneys At Law, protect your claim and fight to ensure your benefits fully address your harm. Call our Hackensack or Ramsey office for a free consultation. You face no fees unless we succeed.

Understanding MMI In New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

An MMI marks a point where your doctor determines your injury will no longer improve with or without treatment. Its significance cannot be overstated.

Once a doctor declares this status, you face the cessation of benefits, including temporary total disability, irrespective of your employment status. In other words, your medical and financial benefits conclude at the MMI stage, even if you cannot resume work.

How Else Can MMI Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You can expect your medical benefits to end, but another journey may begin. Your doctor will assign a disability rating to reflect how your occupational injury limits your work ability and earning capacity. The rating directly affects your potential permanent disability benefits.

What does this mean? Even after your workers’ compensation claim ends due to MMI, you may be eligible for permanent disability benefits. It depends on the extent and permanence of your injuries.

How We Can Help

Our lawyers are prepared to leverage their experience and legal knowledge on your behalf. We can:

  • Push for employment reinstatement in a suitable position, as required in New Jersey.
  • Challenge the MMI determination with additional healthcare provider opinions or medical evidence.
  • Help you pursue permanent partial or total disability benefits after reaching MMI.

As seasoned New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys, we grasp the intricacies of MMI and its impact.

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