Understanding Partial Disability Benefits In New Jersey

If you have been involved in a workplace accident that causes you to no longer be able to perform your job as you did before, you have legal rights due to your disability. At Parisi & Gerlanc Attorneys At Law, we advocate on behalf of workers who now suffer from a partial disability.

Workers’ Compensation Partial Disability Lawyers

Our attorneys and staff take the time to carefully listen to you describe your injury, your new limitations and what you’ve been told by doctors. After reviewing the medical records, we will help you file the appropriate forms and applications to receive partial disability payments.

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Partial disability workers, unlike people with permanent total disability, can still work, either in a limited capacity or in another role. These workers have suffered an injury on the job that prevents them from fully performing their job. Partial disabilities may either be permanent or temporary. Benefits can be pursued for either.

Under workers’ compensation, you will be given a percentage rating of partial disability based on a doctor’s opinion of what you are still healthy enough to perform at your job. If your abilities are reduced enough, you will be eligible for partial disability payments to cover your loss of income due to the disability. These benefits may either last until the disability has healed, or will be handled differently if the disability is permanent and you are no longer ever able to work in your previous role. Permanent disability claims require a certain waiting period.

It is important that you clearly and fully document your injury and seek the medical opinions needed to show that you can no longer fully perform your job. We will help you complete the application with the medical documentation needed to show this.