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Understanding Permanent Disability Benefits In New Jersey

Not all workplace injuries are created equal. In the most serious of cases, workers can suffer catastrophic, life changing and permanent injuries. For these workers, permanent/total disability benefits exist.

This level of additional workers’ compensation insurance coverage covers work injuries that cause long-term impairment. A doctor assigns an impairment rating, which forms the basis of benefits received, finally determined at administrative hearing.

According to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development for New Jersey:

These weekly benefits are provided initially for a period of 450 weeks. These benefits continue beyond the initial 450 weeks provided that the injured worker is able to show that he or she remains unable to earn wages.

Wages earned after 450 weeks offset the weekly computation in proportion to the income at the time of the injury.

Permanent Total Disability is also presumed when the worker has lost two major members or a combination of members of the body such as eyes, arms, hands, legs or feet. However, permanent total disability can also result from a combination of injuries that render the worker unemployable.

Like with all workers’ compensation benefits, these benefits cover:

  • Medical treatment
  • Residual disability
  • Lost time from work

New Jersey Permanent Disability Benefits Attorneys

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