Liability For Injuries In Train And Bus Accidents

It’s important to begin an investigation as soon as possible after sustaining injuries in a public transportation accident. Since New Jersey Transit (NJT) has its own team of investigators responsible for gathering evidence and investigating the cause of a train or bus accident, it’s important to involve independent investigators as well. At the law office of Parisi & Gerlanc, our attorneys work with safety experts and accident investigators in collecting evidence, interviewing eyewitnesses, and documenting what caused a train or bus accident. Our office also asks bus drivers and train conductors to submit to drug and alcohol tests to determine if any illegal substances could have played a role in the events that caused our client’s injuries.

Hackensack Public Transportation Accident Lawyers

Since NJT investigators are likely to underscore factors that relieve the NJT of liability, it’s essential that you have an experienced team of attorneys and investigators who can protect your interests and rights. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact public transportation accident attorneys at Parisi & Gerlanc today.

Liability for Injuries in Train and Bus Accidents

The attorneys at Parisi & Gerlanc represent clients injured in public transportation accidents involving the following:

  • Sudden stops on a train or bus
  • Overcrowding of train or bus car
  • Pedestrian knockdown
  • Being hit on a train platform or at a bus stop
  • Falling after a train or bus starts to pull away from platform or curb
  • Train derailment
  • Shutting doors
  • Public assault due to poor or inadequate security

The Economic Consequences of a Train or Bus Accident

Injuries sustained in public transportation accidents often involve back injuries, broken bones, and neck and head injuries. As a result, injury victims often face the need for extended medical treatment, some kind of physical therapy, and short or long-term disability. In order to ensure our clients are fairly compensated for the financial impact of their injury, our attorneys work with medical experts, and economists who accurately quantify costs related to medical treatment, medical equipment, pain medication, and lost wages.

You have 6 Months to Bring Suit in Public Transportation Accident Cases

The law provides a statute of limitations on civil suits brought against the NJT in public transportation accident cases. If you believe you have a cause for action in a public train or bus accident case, contact Parisi & Gerlanc online today and request a free consultation to discuss your case. You may also call our office in Hackensack at 551-587-8915 now. If you wait to long, you may lose your right to pursue a lawsuit for your injuries.