Mistakes To Avoid In Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits

At Parisi & Gerlanc, Attorneys At Law, we are committed to representing injured workers. We are experienced in overcoming the difficulties many workers encounter when attempting to get necessary medical care and prompt payment of wage loss benefits. Many workers try to navigate the system on their own, and during the process they miss important steps that can adversely affect their rights.

We have compiled a short list of the common mistakes to avoid in workers’ compensation claims:

Failing to report an accident

Your right to receive workers’ comp benefits is tied to giving your employer notice of the workplace accident. Some workers try to continue working despite the pain, and do not notify a supervisor or other company official. You should report an accident as soon as possible — within 24 hours is a good option. New Jersey law sets a 14-day timeline for reporting the accident. If you have questions about the reporting requirement, consult an experienced lawyer immediately — even if you believe the timeline has passed.

Failing to seek medical care

It is critical to have a timely treatment and an accurate diagnosis. In workers’ compensation cases, your employer or the insurance company can choose your doctor. However, many injuries or compensable conditions are not the result of an acute accident. If you believe an illness or other medical condition is work-related, you should report the information to your employer upon receiving the diagnosis from your doctor.

Failing to follow through on a doctor’s recommendations

It is critical to follow through with the doctor’s recommendations. If you disagree with the doctor’s diagnosis, your lawyer can give you guidance on what steps to take. Workers are often pressured to discontinue treatment after an employer or insurance company worker gives the impression that the worker no longer has a valid claim. If you follow through with the doctor’s protocol, you do not risk allowing your claim to lapse. Insurance companies and employers may argue that a valid claim is time-barred, when in reality it is not.

Failing to meet deadlines in the claims process

Getting started in the claims process may seem daunting. It is important to file the appropriate workers’ compensation claims form as soon as possible to preserve your right to benefits. The paperwork also needs to be accurate.

Failing to obtain legal guidance

The workers’ compensation system is designed to streamline the benefits process for injured workers. Unfortunately, business decisions come into play — especially with the insurance companies. The process is cumbersome, in the real world, and a skilled attorney can guide you through the process to ensure that you do not miss deadlines or make other mistakes that can affect your claim.

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