Skilled Workers’ Comp Representation For Municipal Workers

On-the-job injuries are usually covered through an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance benefits. In most cases, a medical doctor representing an employer’s insurer will exam an injured worker in order to determine the scope and nature of the injuries involved. In some cases, however, an examining physician may conclude an injured worker’s injuries are not related to work, or are not as serious as initially thought. When this happens, injured volunteer and municipal workers may be forced to return to work before they are ready while being denied reimbursement for medical expenses.

Hackensack, New Jersey, Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

At Parisi & Gerlanc, Attorneys At Law, in Hackensack, our lawyers advise and represent volunteer firemen, police officers, water and gas workers, and city employees in workers’ compensation cases. If you’re facing medical expenses and lost wages due to an on-the-job-injury, contact the workers’ compensation attorneys at Parisi & Gerlanc today and schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you.

Accidents and Injuries Involved in Workers’ Compensation Claims

The law office of Parisi & Gerlanc represents injured volunteer and municipal workers in workers’ compensation cases involving the following:

Determining the Cost of a Serious Work-Related Injury

While workers’ compensation is intended to pay for medical costs and lost wages, recovering an amount proportional to your losses is not always a straightforward process. If your employer’s examining doctor believes your injuries are less serious than they are in reality, the amount of compensation you are entitled to may not be enough to cover the financial impact of your injury.

At Parisi & Gerlanc, our attorneys consult medical experts in order to challenge claims by insurance company doctors who downplay or dismiss the extent of our client’s injuries. Additionally, in cases involving safety and OSHA violations, we are prepared to seek punitive damages when possible, in addition to damages associated with medical expenses, lost wages, and disability.

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If you’ve been injured while working on the job, it’s essential to understand what your rights are and what you can do if your employer tries to deny them to you. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact the workers’ compensation attorneys at Parisi & Gerlanc today. Call 551-587-8915.