Getting Justice For Injuries Caused By Faulty Automotive Design

Car manufacturers conduct crash tests of their vehicles in order to comply with state and federal regulations. During these tests, however, other safety issues emerge, often associated with roof strength, the ability of the frame to absorb and distribute the force of an impact effectively, and passenger safety features. Since at this time there are no federally mandated standards for certain kinds of design features, auto makers insist they can’t be held liable for injuries resulting from their absence.

Hackensack Faulty Auto Design Attorneys

At the law office of Parisi & Gerlanc, we hold auto manufacturers accountable for faulty designs that research, independent testing, and design engineers claim played a role in causing our client’s injuries. Working with design experts, safety professionals, crash test technicians, and others, our lawyers identify faulty auto design components and explain to judges and juries why auto makers are liable for the injuries caused by them.

If you’ve suffered a serious head, neck, or back injury due to a failed or faulty auto-design component, contact the law office of Parisi & Gerlanc today. We’ll evaluate your case and discuss the legal options available to you.

Faulty Design Components: The Cause of Serious Injuries

The personal injury attorneys at Parisi & Gerlanc represent clients in regard to the following failed or faulty auto design issues:

  • Roof crush
  • Tire blowout
  • Failed brakes
  • Failed seat back
  • Defective air bag
  • Defective windshield
  • Failed seat belt clasp
  • Failed support pillar column

Problems that Won’t Go Away — Why Denial Doesn’t Work Anymore

Auto makers are aware of problems associated with a higher center of gravity and the propensity of an SUV to roll over in an accident or during an evasive maneuver. Likewise, plenty of research has established a correlation between frames that improperly absorb and distribute the weight of a car and roof crush. Consumer groups and others have pointed to design changes car makers could incorporate to improve the safety of their vehicles. The fact that some auto manufacturers have taken these issues into account suggests those that haven’t can and should.

Demanding Answers, Holding Manufacturers Accountable

Our lawyers have the resources and knowledge to hold manufactures accountable for design flaws and failed auto parts. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, call551-587-8915, or contact our Hackensack, New Jersey faulty auto design attorneys online at the law office of Parisi & Gerlanc today.