Important Steps To Take After An Accident

Car accidents typically occur with very little warning, or no warning at all. Drivers who see the crash coming often use their defensive driving skills to try to evade the accident. Many drivers are blindsided in wrecks. A driver may have little knowledge of what happened to cause the wreck. Whatever the actual circumstances, it can be difficult to understand what happened. Many accidents are caused by some form of negligence. But the individual types of negligence may vary widely.

Distracted driving, drunk driving, inattentive driving and similar issues are common in New Jersey. But, a faulty component or dangerous automotive design may have had an influence. At Parisi & Gerlanc, Attorneys At Law, we have substantial experience investigating, preparing and presenting claims to help injury victims to maximize their compensation. We also are committed to helping our clients get the medical attention they need after a car accident. To learn more about how our experience can help you, call 551-587-8915.

Understanding The Chaos And Confusion At The Scene Of A Crash

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it is often difficult for the drivers involved to understand the full context of what happened. For that reason, we have compiled a short list of the most important steps to take after an accident:

  • Remain at the scene and be aware of your surroundings: It is important to remain calm and stay at the scene until police or other first responders arrive. The scene of a motor vehicle accident is typically chaotic as other motorists scramble to get around the wreck, while also gawking at the scene. Be aware of the potential dangers that surround an accident scene to remain safe. It is also important to check any passengers and others at the accident scene for injury, if possible.
  • Cooperate with the police: The police begin to investigate the scene. It is important to cooperate with that investigation. It is equally important to understand that you may not have a big picture view of what may have happened. Do not admit fault in the confusion after the accident.
  • Gather information: Most drivers know to exchange insurance and other information at the scene. If you have a cellphone, taking pictures of the scene may be beneficial, but remember to remain safe. If there are witnesses at the scene, you may be able to obtain their names to provide that information to your attorney.
  • Seek appropriate medical attention: If first responders do not transport you to the hospital, do not underestimate the extent of your injuries. See your doctor for an evaluation. Symptoms of serious injuries may be delayed. Waiting to get attention can complicate any potential personal injury claim.
  • Do not admit any fault in the accident: As we discussed, do not admit to fault. That concept continues after you leave the scene. The insurance companies will likely reach out to obtain information. Adjusters and insurance investigators are trained to seek information to deny or reduce your claim.
  • Consult an attorney: You have a lot at stake if you have suffered injury in an accident. Consulting with an experienced Bergen County lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that can adversely impact your claim.

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