Getting Started On Workers’ Compensation

When you have been injured in an on-the-job accident, you may need the skill and experience of a knowledgeable attorney on your side, ensuring that each step in the process is completed as accurately as possible to avoid a denial and resulting waiting periods.

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How To Start A Workers’ Compensation Claim — Beginning The Process

After you have been injured, it is important to start the claims process as quickly as possible. To begin filing a claim, you must first give your company or employer notice of your injury, telling them that you were injured on the job. Following this official notice, your employer should immediately provide you with the paperwork and workers’ compensation forms that you will need to fill out and file. If the employer does not provide this to you, you can also get one online or from the state.

It is best if you have guidance while filling out this form as it can be complicated, and anything you submit in writing can be used against you both in the approval process and potentially later in court, should it progress that far.

After filling out the form, you need to submit it to your employer. He or she will have a section to also fill out and will then need to give you a completed copy of the form. It is critical that you keep a copy of every document and record in the process for your protection. The company or employer will then submit the original to the state for the approval process. Money for your claim will be paid from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Bergen County Attorneys Handling Other Types Of Claims

Our lawyers will sit down with you and evaluate your injuries and circumstances that caused them. In some situations, a third party, other than your employer or co-workers, may have been partly to blame. Our attorneys will provide you with a realistic understanding of whether a personal injury claim may be filed against that third party.

If there is a personal injury claim and you wish to pursue it, we will guide you through the steps of beginning that claim.