Injured Volunteers May Be Entitled To Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While workers’ compensation is designed to protect only those who directly work for an employer, there are certain types of volunteers who may have a claim if they are injured during their service. If you have been volunteering for a company or organization and were hurt, you should visit us for a free initial consultation to learn if you have a claim.

New Jersey Volunteer Worker Injury Attorneys

At Parisi & Gerlanc Attorneys At Law, we have a detailed understanding of workers’ compensation law and can help to find any potential claims that might be available. Our attorneys have helped workers and certain volunteers throughout Hackensack and Passaic County for more than 40 years and are passionate about recovering the benefits these individuals deserve and need.

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In the state of New Jersey, certain groups of volunteers are covered by workers’ compensation, no matter the activity being performed while serving. These include:

  • Elected and public officials
  • Volunteer public servants, including volunteer firefighters and volunteer police officers
  • Volunteer first aid and rescue workers
  • Board of Education members

In some cases, a volunteer who receives some form of compensation for his or her service may be able to obtain benefits. For example, a hospital volunteer who received training or other benefits might have a claim if injured while serving at the hospital. This is on a case-by-case basis, and our lawyers can help to determine whether you are eligible, based on the details of the circumstances.