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Workplace overexertion can lead to shoulder injuries

Many people don’t realize how much they use their shoulders each day. Regardless of what type of work you do, your shoulders get a good workout on every shift. Suffering a shoulder injury can have a negative impact on your ability to do your work duties. It can also make it harder for you to enjoy your regular life. 

It’s possible for shoulder injuries to show up slowly, which can make them easy to overlook. These are usually caused by overuse, so the damage being done to the shoulder is cumulative. Any worker who has pain in the shoulder should get medical care right away so they can minimize the damage to the area. 

What can workers do to protect their shoulders?

Workers can protect their shoulders by stretching before they go in for a shift. They can also make sure they’re moving their shoulders around while they work. Proper body mechanics must be used, so never try to lift things in an awkward manner. 

Additionally, any pain in the shoulders should be evaluated right away to avoid an injury becoming even worse. Treatments for shoulder injuries can include braces, physical therapy, medication, rest and surgery.

Shoulder injuries that occur due to your work-related duties should be covered by workers’ compensation. This pays for your medical care related to the injury and it can also come with other benefits, including vocational rehabilitation and partial wage replacement. 

There are times when you may have to appeal a decision regarding the benefits you’re due so be prepared for this because there are very strict time limits involved.