Is it safe to drive while wearing sandals?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

This is easily one of the hottest times of the year and that means it’s time to put on the three S’s: Shirts, shorts and sandals. Many people are trying to beat the heat by blasting their A/Cs on a long drive to the beach, and lots of folks wear sandals for extra comfort and convenience. 

However, people don’t realize that they may be putting themselves and other drivers in danger of an auto accident because of their choice of footwear. Just one wrong move while wearing sandals could mean serious injuries. Here’s what drivers should know:

Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it safe

There are no laws that prevent someone from driving in sandals. If people wanted to, they could even drive barefoot. But just because no one is stopping people from driving with sandals, doesn’t mean they aren’t putting others at risk of serious or deadly injuries. 

Easy to slip on, easy to slip off

Sandales are great for slipping off just before rushing into the ocean. They’re loose and comfortable and provide great airflow – and that’s exactly the problem when someone tries to drive in them.

Sandals may be one of the worst types of footwear to use while driving because they’re so loose. They may suddenly slip off while pressing on the gas, causing a driver to suddenly stop in traffic. They could even catch the underside of a pedal making it hard or even impossible to put the right pressure down on the brake. 

If you’ve been in a serious motor accident because someone lost their footwear while driving, you may need to seek legal help to help recover losses and medical bills.