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These common injuries often affect mechanics

Did you know that there are a few common injuries that mechanics are at risk for? As a mechanic, it can be frustrating to think that you’d be at risk of any injuries, but the reality is that working with large vehicles, powerful tools and chemicals can put you in harm’s way.

Some of the most common injuries mechanics suffer include broken bones, burns, and hand and foot injuries. Crushing injuries are also possible from slamming body parts in doors or getting caught under vehicles.

The auto industry can be a dangerous place to work

As a mechanic, you’re at risk of three main injuries:

  • Chemical injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Lacerations

For chemicals, you may work with antifreeze, paint, brake fluid, gasoline or other chemicals that have the potential to cause chemical burns. Some of these can also be dangerous to inhale or cause skin irritation. If you get chemicals into your eyes or lungs, you could lose your vision or have a hard time breathing.

Crushing injuries are also common. It’s normal to prop up vehicles. If one falls or its weight shifts, you could have serious crushing injuries to your legs, arms or torso. It’s also possible to crush your limbs when shutting doors or closing the hood or trunk.

Finally, lacerations are possible in a few ways. There are many sharp objects, and you may have to use cutters or sharp tools to do repairs yourself. Lacerations can also occur if you get pinched between objects.

How can you stay safer while working on vehicles?

To stay as safe as possible, always wear the right personal protective equipment. Wearing safety glasses, gloves, and protective aprons or clothing will keep you safer from chemicals and sharp objects. Additionally, wearing steel-toed shoes could help prevent your feet from being injured by rolling objects or the weight of a vehicle.

If you do get hurt at work, remember that you may be able to seek workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is designed to help you replace your lost wages and can assist you with vocational rehabilitation and more. You have a right to take the time you need to recover, so it’s worth looking into this coverage.