1 workplace risk affects people in essentially every industry

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Some workplace risks are industry-specific. Delivery drivers could get into a crash on the job, while office workers don’t have to worry about a collision. Recognizing the unique workplace risks for your profession will be an important part of staying safe on the job.

Still, it is also important for workers to recognize that there are certain, almost universal workplace risks. There is a kind of workplace incident responsible for hundreds of thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths every year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What is this basic and widespread job risk?

Falling isn’t just a danger for those who work in outdoor settings

Falls are responsible for a significant number of injuries and deaths on the job every year across the United States. There are obviously certain industries that come with significant fall-related risks. These include construction, window washing and forestry work.

However, workers in many other industries are also at risk for falls. Falls are one of the top risks for workers to get injured in many industries, ranging from hospital staff to manufacturing workers. Even if someone falls from a lower level, the result can be broken bones or brain injuries with lasting medical and employment consequences.

Workers who suffer major falls on the job may require a leave of absence until they heal. They will also need medical benefits for any treatment they require. Identifying and avoiding major risk factors can help you stay safe on the job, and learning about workers’ compensation can protect you if you get hurt despite your best efforts at workplace safety.