Hazards workers need to avoid

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Workplace Accidents

There are several tripping, falling, and slipping hazards that workers need to be aware of in order to stay safe in a working environment in Hackensack, New Jersey. Read below to learn more about how to stay safe.

Tripping hazards

Technically, anything can cause tripping hazard workplace accidents if they are in the wrong place. Tripping hazards can include things like loose flooring, power cords, cable lines, cleaning materials, and randomly dropped items. If the workers are not wearing appropriate shoes or other manufacturing/working equipment is in the way, this, too, can contribute to workers tripping in the workplace.

Workers can lower their chances of tripping if the work pathways are clearly lit and free of random objects at all times. Making sure that the flooring is in working conditions without being too slippery or loose certainly does not hurt, either.

Falling hazards

While workers do need to be aware of both tripping and slipping hazards, falling hazards can present a certain type of challenge. Workers that frequently work on raised areas, such as electricians, are at risk of serious or fatal injuries in their day-to-day workspace. The hazardous items in question are items like ladders or other, larger lifting equipment. Other professional environments that have these dangers include factories, power lines, and rooftops.

Slipping hazards

Slipping hazards commonly occur when a person cannot keep their footing. Spilled liquids, like solvents or other machine oils, are usually the common culprits. The best way to prevent slipping accidents is to ensure that spills are cleaned up right after they occur and that areas that commonly stay slippery have non-slip mats.

As you can see, a few preventative measures can help with these workplace hazards. With these tips, workers can avoid workplace hazards.