Does workers’ compensation cover burn injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Burn injuries could take place in many workplaces, and thousands of people suffer burns while on the job annually. The burns could be severe, leading to a stay in a New Jersey hospital. An unexpected injury might also bring forth other unfortunate consequences. Unable to work and under financial pressures, a burn victim may worry about paying bills or covering medical expenses. Thankfully, filing for workers’ compensation may be an option.

Burn injuries at the workplace

Those working around open flames, such as restaurant kitchen workers or lab assistants near Bunsen burners, could come into contact with the fire. Clothes could catch fire, and second or third-degree burns may result.

Burns could result from incidents other than ones involving fire. Extreme heat might also cause a burn. Someone working near hot pipes inside a building could touch them and suffer harm. Exposure to electricity may cause burns, as well. Chemical burn might inflict severe injuries.

Employees may benefit from using extreme caution when near flames, heat, or hazardous substances. Unfortunately, even exercising care might not prevent an injury.

Workers’ compensation may provide assistance

Workers’ compensation benefits could provide eligible applicants with funds to cover expenses while waiting to recover and return to work. New Jersey is a “no-fault” state, meaning negligence is not a necessary component of a workers’ comp claim. Several benefits, including death benefits, are possible.

However, employers could challenge the employee’s claim. A legal process exists for these situations, and an employee could explore his/her options.

Burn injuries may be so severe that an employee could be unable to work for weeks or months. A workers’ compensation attorney might assist a client when filing a claim or during a hearing. Someone unfamiliar with workers’ compensation rules may benefit from hiring legal counsel.