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How can workers in New Jersey file for workers’ compensation?

If an individual has been injured on the job in New Jersey, there are certain procedures they should follow to ensure that they’re eligible for workers’ compensation. Here’s what workers should do after suffering from a job site injury.

What should workers do after suffering from an injury?

If a worker has suffered an injury, they should notify their manager as soon as possible. They should also tell their manager if they require medical treatment. Under New Jersey law, the employer can select where their employees go for medical care. For this reason, it’s important for workers to speak with their employer so that they don’t end up seeing a doctor who’s not covered by their insurance.

Additionally, the worker should contact their insurance company. Their employer might do this for them; if they don’t, the employee should contact the company directly. The insurance company will investigate and determine if the worker is eligible for workers’ compensation. If they accept the claim, the worker will receive a payout. If they deny the claim, the employee can file with the Division of Worker’s Compensation.

New Jersey law prevents companies from retaliating against their workers for filing a compensation claim. Retaliation can include firing the employee, harassing the employee or committing other forms of discrimination. If an individual feels that they’ve faced retaliation, they might want to pursue a legal case against their employer.

How can employees pursue a workers’ compensation claim?

If an individual’s workers’ compensation claim has been unfairly denied, they might wish to contact an attorney. An attorney may help them negotiate with the insurance company. Additionally, if the employee experiences retaliation from their employer, their attorney might help them file a lawsuit. An attorney may be able to help their client get the compensation they need to pay their medical bills.