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Protecting yourself at work when it is hot outside

Working outside in the New Jersey heat can be dangerous and heat-related work injuries are very common. Heatstroke is a serious medical condition that happens when the body’s temperature is out of control and rises to up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit within only a few minutes.

Symptoms of heat-induced injuries

People working outside may experience heat exhaustion, heatstroke, rashes, or cramps. These disorders could lead to permanent injuries or even death if left untreated.

Common symptoms of heat stroke include minimal sweating, hot skin, chills, dizziness, and confusion. Heat exhaustion has slightly different symptoms that typically are increased sweating, fatigue, cramps, and pale skin. If you experience these symptoms while laboring in the hot sun, it is important to seek out medical treatment to prevent further complications.

Preventing heat-related illnesses

It is essential to take precautions to avoid these injuries. Even though heat stroke and heat exhaustion are common, these disorders can be preventable and treatable. A few ways to protect your while you’re working outside are:

  • Taking breaks often
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoiding caffeinated drinks
  • Wiping your face with a cool, wet cloth
  • Wearing sunscreens and hats to protect your face from sunburns
  • Working slower
  • Moving out of the sunlight to shaded areas

If you are working outside in the direct sun, it can be difficult to protect yourself from heat-related distress. However, it is very important for your health and your employer should understand why you are taking these life-saving measures. If you experience heatstroke, heat exhaustion or other heat-related injuries at work, a workers’ compensation attorney could be able to represent you in your dispute and help you obtain proper compensation.