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Nurses must protect themselves on the job

New Jersey hospitals can be a busy place where mishaps happen, so nurses may find themselves at risk for injuries. There are some ways for nurses to cut down their chances of an injurious accident.

Hospital staff should never overlook the value of cleanliness. Cleaning hands could cut down on the possibilities of spreading illnesses and prevent workers from getting sick.

In addition, getting a flu shot might prevent undesirable sicknesses. Nurses find themselves exposed to sick patients and could pick up a bug. They also run the risk of spreading the flu between patients. There may be other vaccines worth considering for nurses: Hepatitis, tetanus and other vaccine shots may preserve their health.

Lifting a patient might put strains on a nurse’s back, so using lift equipment could make things easier for nurses and patients alike. It can be more time-consuming to retrieve lift equipment, but doing so may reduce injuries.

Nurses know that not every patient is easy to handle; some could become violent and threatening. Asking for assistance in these situations might prove wise.

In addition, nurses may frequently find themselves handling needles. Accidents with needles can happen, and a nurse could suffer a prick or puncture wound. The wound might be superficial, but illness could follow. Hepatitis C, for example, might spread this way. Handling needles safely is a critical skill to learn, so nurses should ensure that their employer offers such training.

If injured, a nurse may want to meet with an attorney to learn about filing a workers’ compensation claim. The attorney might compile and submit all the necessary paperwork on behalf of their client. The attorney may also file an appeal if the initial claim receives a rejection. If necessary, the attorney may be able to appear in person at a hearing.