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The causes of foot injuries on the job

You suffered a foot injury on the job and are wondering if there is any hope for stability and recovery. Fortunately, you may file for workers’ compensation benefits here in New Jersey and be reimbursed for all of your medical expenses as well as in some cases for a percentage of lost wages. Foot injuries are not uncommon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that some 53,000 foot injuries occur every year that force the victims to take time off work.

Slips, trips and falls

There are 44.5 million injuries each year in the U.S. due to slips, trips and falls. Workers can easily injure their foot in such incidents. For example, they may slip on flooring that’s wet or greasy and trip on loose floorboards or debris. Many workplaces come with pre-installed anti-fatigue floor mats, which are meant to comfort workers who stand for long periods of time. These are bulky, though, and a common trip hazard.

Workers may contribute to their own injuries, though, by failing to wear the proper footwear. This footwear may not have the needed traction to prevent slips. Workers with previous foot pain are also at a high risk for injury because the pain makes their gait awkward and their balance poor.

Lack of a safety-minded culture

Some do not follow their employer’s guidelines on footwear because of a general sense of invincibility. This may stem from an overall lack of a safety-minded work culture. Employers, then, need to do their part by establishing recurring training. They should also try to make the work environment relaxing and less stressful.

A lawyer with a client-centered approach

To learn more about how workers’ compensation law will apply to your case, you may want to see a lawyer. The lawyer may give your case personal attention and assist both with the filing and with any appeals that have to be made.