Company fined for safety violations

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

OSHA has fined a New Jersey company nearly $400,000 for what were referred to as repeated safety violations at a plant in Pennsauken. The fines were levied after an inspection in April 2019 found violations related to lockout/tagout procedures. An obstructed loading dock as well as blocked electrical disconnects were discovered during the April inspection. OSHA also said that the warehouse had improper lighting.

In 2015, an employee lost two fingers while operating a machine at the facility, and the issue had not been corrected when OSHA inspected the facility in 2017. At the time, OSHA said that the company had failed to train workers on how to properly use the machine and others like it. An agency representative had also said there were issues related to compliance with lockout/tagout rules and rules related to machine guarding.

Employees are generally entitled to safe working conditions whether they work in an office, outside or in a warehouse. Those who do work in a warehouse are generally entitled to training on how to use machines safely. Employers may also need to provide safety tools such as hard hats and decontamination showers to keep their workers safe. Failure to do so could be a violation of state or federal laws. Typically, those who are hurt are allowed to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

These benefits may make it possible to pay medical expenses or make up some or all wages lost while recovering from broken bones or lacerations. Workers may be entitled to benefits even if they took actions that could have contributed to their injuries. Attorneys may be able to assist workers in pursuing a workers’ compensation claim or help ensure that a claim is processed in a timely manner.