Lead can cause many different health problems

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

New Jersey workers who ingest or inhale lead could be at risk for developing health issues. It is used in the creation of ammunition, building materials and fishing weights. It is also commonly used in car batteries and was used in gasoline until the 1980s. When lead enters the body, it can travel through the blood stream and come into contact with internal organs.

Common health issues related to lead include anemia, kidney disease and various neurological impacts. Since lead can be hazardous to an employee’s health, employers are required to take steps to protect them against exposure to this substance. Employers who are covered by OSHA rules must ensure that workers are not exposed to any more than 50 µg/m3 of lead per eight hours. Employers must start taking action if workers are exposed to 30 µg/m3 of lead.

Generally speaking, workers in the construction or manufacturing industries are most likely to be exposed to lead. This can occur while producing, maintaining or removing lead pipes or anything else that has this substance in it. However, those who live in homes that are covered in lead paint could also be exposed to it. Pregnant women and children could experience a variety of mental and physical issues if they ingest paint chips or inhale fumes.

Workers who are subject to unsafe working conditions may be at a higher risk of getting hurt or sick while on the job. If this happens, they could be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. They might want to have the assistance of an attorney when preparing and filing the required claim.