How to prevent pinch point accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Many New Jersey factory workers face serious risks from pinch points. A pinch point is a gap between two moving parts where a person or a body part could get caught or stuck. In some cases, pinch points involve spaces between a moving part and a stationary object. They are generally found in printing presses, press brakes or conveyors. Powered covers, doors and hatches may also contain dangerous pinch points.

Workers can be protected either by guards or devices. Devices are designed to either stop when a worker’s hand or other body part is in a machine or to not allow a worker to get stuck in a machine at all while it’s in motion. For example, a machine may not run unless both of a person’s hands are on the controls. Any guard or device should be difficult to remove or tamper with, and it should be strong enough to withstand damage.

Employers can take many steps to ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum. One step would be to implement a training plan that teaches workers how to operate a machine safely and how to turn it off quickly. Ideally, machines will be turned off when they are not in use. This will further minimize injuries caused by pinch points.

A work accident victim could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if they were partially responsible for an accident occurring. An attorney may help a worker file a claim or gather evidence that an injury occurred at work. Evidence may include statements made to an employer or a copy of an accident report filed by an employer. Legal counsel could also be helpful if an application is denied or benefits are cut off.