Keeping workers safe around loading docks

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Loading docks can be a dangerous area for workers in New Jersey to find themselves in. The good news is that there are basic steps that companies can take to minimize the opportunity for an accident to occur. One such step is to provide training as it relates to using forklifts. To comply with OSHA regulations, employees should be taught how to use the specific machines that they will be working with on the job.

Workers should be equipped with safety gear such as footwear that won’t cause them to skid or slide on a dock floor. They should also be given protection for their ears, eyes and face. Helmets may protect employees from objects falling from shelves or similar objects. The dock itself should be dry and in good condition at all times. Doing so may prevent workers from slipping, tripping or falling.

The use of warning signs or cones can alert workers to dangerous conditions or help them avoid certain areas until a hazard can be remedied. Finally, workers should be taught proper lifting techniques to keep them from straining muscles or overexerting themselves. The type of guidance that employees receive should be tailored to the types of freight that they load or unload most frequently. This can be especially important if workers handle toxic or flammable materials.

Those who experience a neck injury or any other type of injury on the job may be entitled to help paying medical bills related to that injury. An attorney may help a person file a claim or defend an employee in court if a claim is unfairly denied. A legal representative for an injured worker may also take action on that person’s behalf if a claim is not processed in a timely manner.