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Holiday stress can impact workers and consumers

Retail employees in New Jersey and throughout the country may appreciate having extra work during the holiday season. However, it can also come at the cost of their emotional and physical health. According to a 2016 survey from NIOSH, 24 percent of respondents said that their work schedules got in the way of family and other obligations. Employers should note that this can be a source of stress, and stressed-out workers may be more prone to making mistakes.

Common workplace injuries that can be the result of stress or fatigue include slipping, falling or trying to lift without using proper technique. By having plans in place, workers can know that their employers care about them and are looking to meet their needs. This may help an anxious worker get into a better mental state, which can lead to a safer and more productive employee.

Taking steps to manage crowds can be helpful as a means of protecting workers both mentally and physically. Ideally, companies will have emergency procedures in place as well as put in physical barricades if necessary to manage traffic on the sales floor. Trained security guards and other personnel can be helpful when it comes to keeping everyone safe while at work. Employers should note that regular and temporary workers must be given equal treatment.

There are many ways in which a worker may get hurt while on the job. In some cases, repetitive stress placed on muscles or joints could result in a sore back, pinched nerves or other significant injuries. If a person is required to miss work because of an injury, workers’ compensation benefits may allow that individual to recoup a portion of wages lost. Benefits may also include payment of medical bills related to the injury.