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Construction worker suffers on-the-job injury in 20-foot fall

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation into a construction accident that happened in New Jersey. A New Jersey Department of Labor spokesperson says the incident occurred on the site of a shopping mall in Hackensack. Reportedly, a construction worker suffered an on-the-job injury in a 20-foot fall.

An incident report indicates that the victim was a 37-year-old Newark man who was part of a construction crew that was working in the mall. Not many details are available to explain the circumstances that led to the fall. Apparently, the man fell through a hole in the floor.

Although the worker’s injuries were reported to be non-life threatening, he was taken to a hospital for evaluation and treatment of pain he reportedly experienced in his ankle and his back. OSHA has detailed safety guidelines and strict regulations related to the need for fall protection for construction workers. Furthermore, railings must be placed around openings and holes that pose fall hazards on construction sites. OSHA inspectors will look at the construction company’s compliance with safety regulations.

Any victim of an on-the-job injury in New Jersey may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits — regardless of who was at fault. Resources are available to assist with the complicated legal and administrative steps of the claims process. Typical benefits would include coverage of all the injury-related medical expenses along with a percentage of lost wages if the injury caused absence from work. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can also navigate the appeals process in the event of a rejected claim.

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