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Protecting yourself from a lifting injury

If you work in a Bergen County warehouse, you are probably required to lift anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds on a regular basis. This kind of repetitive work can take its toll and one of the most common injuries we see here at Parisi & Gerlanc Attorneys at Law are those related to lifting. While not all work injuries can be prevented, there are certain things that you and your employer can do to reduce your risk.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration points out that the warehouse should be sufficiently lit. While this seems like common sense, it can be easy for warehouse managers to overlook a lightbulb that is not burning at its full capacity. If a job is a one-time assignment in the far corner of the building, you or others may dismiss the fact that it is a bit dark there. However, you should always bring any lighting deficiency to the attention of your supervisor or bring in additional lighting to make sure the work is done safely.

Warehouses are crowded places and workers often leave boxes, trash, equipment and other items in walkways. Before engaging in any lifting, it is a good idea to inspect the area to make sure that you will not back up into something or trip over a parked forklift. Your employer should also hold trainings where instructions are provided on how to properly stand and hold items to reduce overstraining of the muscles. These ergonomic sessions should be designed so that they are task-centered. When you lift, it is important to keep your back out of the lifting process. Instead, the strength should come from your legs, which need to be equally spaced apart so they can support the weight. If you are transporting a heavy box, use small steps to make turns instead of twisting your body. For more information on injuries and warehouse settings, please visit our web page.