New Jersey’s industries not immune from workers’ accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2016 | Industrial, Manufacturing And Warehouse Accidents

New Jersey boasts a lot of important industries. While safety is always undergoing improvements in the state’s industrial workforce, accidents still happen. From jobs in the chemical industries and manufacturing to positions in the state’s warehouses, industrial work poses many hazards to those who choose industrial careers over more sedentary work.

Industrial accidents occur for many reasons such as improper equipment or materials maintenance, improperly handled heavy materials or even third party negligence. Workers’ compensation provides those in the industrial workforce with financial assistance should an industrial accident lead to injuries. Knowing they are covered by workers’ comp also gives employees a sense of security about what would happen if they suffered a work-related injury.

A workers’ compensation attorney can also provide injured workers with a feeling of security. For example, the team at Parisi and Gerlanc routinely advocate for each and every New Jersey worker we represent. We believe our most important service is ensuring that those who have been injured in a construction or industrial accident receive all of the workers’ compensation benefits they are due. To our clients, this means they can take the necessary time to recover as worry-free as possible knowing a dedicated and experienced attorney is working on their behalf.

New Jersey needs its industries to thrive and grow. We also need the workers who maintain these industries. Providing a safe working environment is paramount to the ongoing success of our economy. Attorneys do their part by making sure our state’s treasured workforce remains protected even after an industrial accident occurs.

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