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Warehouse accident victims may benefit from legal assistance

It is well known that a workplace accident can cause devastating injuries to the worker and tremendous hardships to the worker’s family. Because of this widespread knowledge about work accidents, many New Jersey residents choose warehouse work believing it may pose fewer risks. However, working in a warehouse comes with its own accident risks as outlined in the following section.

Slipping, tripping and falling: There are many reasons these types of accidents occur such as substances on the floor, spilled liquids, darkness and material obstructions, just to name a few.

Falling objects: Warehouses usually store and stack objects in high places. This means workers are at risk of injury due to extremely heavy falling objects.

Body strain: Most people employed at a warehouse must use their body in strenuous ways. As a result, it is easier than many think to strain muscles and joints.

Loading and unloading areas: One of the busiest areas inside a warehouse, the loading/unloading area poses risks like forklift accidents, and getting caught in between machinery or equipment.

Moving parts: Warehouse work features a great deal of equipment and machines with moving parts. Workers could suffer catastrophic injuries such as crushing, amputations and many others.

Our legal practice based in the Hackensack, New Jersey, area has handled hundreds of warehouse-related workplace injury cases. In addition to helping our clients with workers’ compensation claims, we serve as advocates for the workers as well as their families.

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