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Aviation maintenance workers more prone to occupational disease

Every day, tens of thousands of airplanes safely take off and land around the world due to the hard work and dedication of airline maintenance workers. While the work can be fulfilling, there is a downside for those who thrive in the airplane maintenance profession. They are often at a higher risk of developing an occupational disease.

While there are many different conditions that maintenance workers can develop, some of the more common ones may include carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive stress of working with heavy tools, kidney disease from chemical exposure and even hearing loss from aircraft noise. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration reports that aircraft maintenance workers who experience noise-induced hearing loss while they are on the job typically have a hearing loss of more than 20 decibels in common speech frequencies. Sadly, this condition is not reversible and once the hearing is gone, it is lost forever.

Another common ailment that may affect aircraft maintenance workers is the development of severe skin irritations. This is primarily caused by the chemicals that are found in the hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils that are used on airplanes. Unfortunately, even a simple one-time exposure to these types of chemicals can cause contact dermatitis. They may also trigger allergies that lead to skin sensitivities and can last long-term.

Individuals who have developed an occupational disease due to their position of employment may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. They may find it beneficial to learn more about these legal rights and how they may pertain to their individual case.