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What are the causes of most forklift accidents?

Although accidents can happen in any type of workplace, the odds typically increase when there is a lot of activity going on. This can be particularly true in industrial type warehouses where there is complex machinery, such as forklifts, employee traffic on the floor, and a continuous sense of urgency to get things done.

While employers commonly have plans and training in place to help reduce the risk of accidents, there are still some common forklift injuries that are more prone to happening in a warehouse type environment.

These can include:

— Irresponsible driving. A forklift is an extremely heavy piece of equipment that is also unstable. As drivers become more use to how the forklift works, they may take chances that put themselves or others at risk while performing tasks in an unsafe fashion. They may even engage in horseplay with the forklift and other employees, putting them in danger.

— Pedestrian accidents. As a moving piece of equipment, the driver is responsible for the operation of the forklift just as if he or she were driving a car along the road. Although those who are walking in front of the forklift always have the right away, accidents may occur when workers aren’t paying attention or the driver takes his or her eyes off of whatever direction the forklift is moving.

— Tip-overs. Since forklifts are unstable, they are prone to tipping over when loads are unstable or the forklift picks up a heavy load that angles too far backwards or forward. Unfortunately, when a forklift starts to turn over, the driver’s first inclination is usually to jump off the equipment. This can cause injury if the forklift lands on the employee and could easily break bones or crush them.

Warehouse workers who have suffered injuries due to a forklift accident may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. They may find valuable information about their legal rights on the website.