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Jersey City company cited for 22 workplace safety violations

A company in Jersey City was cited by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for health and safety violations, including two violations of OSHA regulations that it deemed willful. OSHA’s inspection found 22 violations and the agency purposed almost $50,000 in penalties. The company runs a shop that makes scenery for the entertainment business.

The two willful violations were due to lack of guards on circular ripsaws and crosscut table saws. OSHA defines a willful violation as one where a company intentionally, knowingly or voluntarily disregards regulatory requirements or operates with “plain indifference” for workers’ safety. These types of violations can cause workplace injuries and leave workers paying a heavy price for their employer’s behavior.

The serious violations covered a range of problems involving saws and grinders and the failure to maintain proper safety guards for the equipment. They also lacked fire extinguishers properly installed and available for use. Additionally, the employee’s did not have proper training to use the fire extinguishers.

The company also violated regulations on a written policy for use of respirators by employees and failed to monitor exposure to methylene chloride-containing adhesives. The company was cited for a failure to maintain a “clean and orderly workplace” which included allowing accumulations of explosive dust.

Violations of this type can lead to serious physical harm to employees. If you have been injured by these kinds of violations you should speak with a workplace accident attorney who can help with workers’ compensation applications and help protect your rights to compensation.

Source: OSHA News Release, “Jersey City, NJ, theatrical equipment company cited by US Department of Labor’s OSHA for exposing workers to workplace safety and health hazards,” July 25, 2013