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November 2015 Archives

Warehouse accident victims may benefit from legal assistance

It is well known that a workplace accident can cause devastating injuries to the worker and tremendous hardships to the worker's family. Because of this widespread knowledge about work accidents, many New Jersey residents choose warehouse work believing it may pose fewer risks. However, working in a warehouse comes with its own accident risks as outlined in the following section.

Workers' comp claim denied for dying 9/11 animal rescuer

A woman who worked to rescue animals abandoned in New York City in the weeks following the September 11 attacks lost her battle with cancer this month. She had worked for the ASPCA as a humane law enforcement officer and special investigator for nearly 20 years, investigating reports of abuse and rescuing sick animals. However, in the weeks following 9/11, she spent her time around Ground Zero rescuing animals left in apartments that their owners weren't able to get to because the areas were restricted or evacuated.

Certain mechanical motions make amputations more likely

One of the worst injuries that a worker in New Jersey or elsewhere can suffer is an amputation. It's important for workers not only to know their rights after they have been hurt, but to know what types of things increase the danger level in the workplace. For instance, the following mechanical motions have been classified as hazards by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Medical workers suffer higher workplace accident rates

American hospitals are among the most dangerous workplaces in our nation. New Jersey medical workers suffer higher incident rates of injury when compared not only to general private injury, but specifically to the construction industry. That is right -- hospital employees have higher accident and injury rates than both manufacturing and construction workers! Health care workers take more time away from work, and continue to work with injuries, more often than almost anyone else in the United States. Sadly, hospital administrators and health care leaders do not seem to acknowledge the situation, and high injury rates persist within the medical community.

Construction worker claims lead to $26 million award for leg loss

A construction worker in New Jersey has won a massive jury award after a serious workplace accident caused him to lose his leg. The man, age 22, suffered severe injuries in the construction accident, which occurred when he plunged 20 feet through a hole at a work site. The victim had been directing a steel delivery when the 2012 accident occurred. He stepped on some plywood that had been covering a large hole; the flimsy wood gave way and caused the man to suffer a violent fall.

Questions often asked about hard hats

Workers on construction sites are typically required to wear hard hats as part of their uniforms. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration often gets questions about these hard hats, and they've provided a few answers to help workers know what to do to stay safe and avoid accidents in New Jersey.

How many people suffer a workplace accident every year?

Do you know how many people are injured at work every year in the U.S.? The number might surprise you. Nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace illnesses and injuries are reported annually by workers in New Jersey and the rest of the nation. Many of these injured employees need workers' compensation to help them recover from their ailments. The good news is that worker injury nationwide is actually declining, continuing a downward trend that started more than a decade ago.