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October 2015 Archives

Forklift construction accident leaves man in critical condition

A New Jersey man suffered serious injuries at work in late October when he was run over with an industrial forklift. The construction accident victim, age 24, was working at a residential construction site when the incident occurred. The driver of the forklift was backing the vehicle up at the time of the accident, and he apparently did not see the victim before driving over him. The operator's vision was obstructed, but news reports have not said whether this was because of improper use of the forklift.

What happens if I suffer an accident during disaster cleanup?

Does your employer have a responsibility to keep you from weather-related harm? Although many of us would agree that we cannot control the weather, the federal government dictates that employers are required to protect their workers from workplace accidents related to tornadoes, floods and other severe weather events. This duty extends to workers who are attempting to clean up after a flood or hurricane in New Jersey.

Workers' comp benefits provide help for re-injury cases

Workers' compensation claims are rarely the easy, slam-dunk type cases that involve the quick agreement of all parties. Employers and insurers love to drag out the claims and appeals process, preventing workers from obtaining the compensation benefits they need to receive treatment and return to their everyday lives.

Overloaded shelves can cause serious injuries in seconds

The problem with overloaded shelves in a warehouse setting is that they may come down with no warning whatsoever, giving employees no chance to get out of the way. That's exactly what happened in one famous video of a shelving collapse that has been making the rounds.

A primer for New Jersey workers' comp benefits

Have you been injured on the job in New Jersey? Although your situation might seem dire for your pocketbook, you should know about your rights through New Jersey workers' compensation. A workers' compensation claim can help you obtain the money you need to pay for your lost wages, medical bills and other costs if you were injured at work.

How does a lockout/tagout program keep you safe at work?

Did you know that your workplace could put you at risk for exposure to a dangerous amount of energy? "But I don't work at a power plant," you may be thinking -- but that does not matter. Energized equipment from electrical sources to heavy machinery and even office equipment can be dangerous if it is not handled correctly. All too many New Jersey residents suffer injury because of industrial accidents that involve electrical or mechanical energy. Learn how to keep yourself safe -- and keep your employer accountable -- by knowing the rules of lockout/tagout.