Construction accident prevention tips

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Construction Accidents

The construction industry bears the burden of being called the most dangerous industry in New Jersey—and the United States, for that matter—year after year. It is one of the leaders when it comes to accidents, injuries and deaths.

However, there are many things that company owners can do to prevent accidents and shake this title, such as:

— Holding safety meetings on a regular basis to make sure that all workers and supervisors know what they should be doing and are following protocol.

— Using the right safety gear on every single job. This includes things like hard hats and harnesses for those who are working at high elevations.

— Telling employees to take breaks, and then making sure that they actually take them. Studies have shown that employees who are well rested are less likely to make mistakes and cause accidents. Plus, it’s important to adhere to local wage and hour laws regarding breaks.

— Using bright, reflective clothing. There is a reason that road workers wear bright yellow or bright orange so often. However, these bright colors are useful in any setting, even if you’re not close to a road.

— Understanding the risks. Company owners must know about the big causes of accidents and injuries, including falls, electrocutions, slip and fall accidents and workers who are pinned by machines or vehicles. Just knowing what the risks are helps people be more attentive and take the proper steps to stay safe.

Now, these tips are helpful, but they can’t stop all accidents, and those who are injured may have a right to compensation.

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