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July 2015 Archives

What can I expect after my spinal cord injury in New Jersey?

Many victims of spinal cord injuries face a single question as they begin their recovery: "What now?" After such a life-changing event, emotional and physical effects may rise to the surface without warning. Victims who require long-term medical care because of paralysis and related conditions must adjust to an entirely new way of living, which can cause stress for both the injured person and his or her family members. Life after a spinal cord injury may be different, but there is hope for victims and their loved ones.

Construction accidents dominated by nail gun complaints

Every day, thousands of construction workers head off to their jobs, building our residential and commercial structures on relatively dangerous job sites. Although roof and wall collapse injuries are certainly common, a hidden danger may lurk on those sites: nail guns. Construction accidents caused by nail guns are recognized as one of the most common in the industry, with a whopping 40 percent of workers saying that they experienced a nail gun injury within the past four years.

Techn could eliminate need for table saw workers' comp benefits

Did you know that thousands of Americans -- many of them from New Jersey -- suffer serious injuries from table saws every year? Although workers' comp benefits may provide some relief for those victims, a better step would be to simply prevent the incidents from happening altogether. The construction and fabrication industry has the opportunity to provide better safety equipment -- but it appears that they simply are choosing not to implement the changes.

Stopping industrial accidents at New Jersey's stone shops

Does your workplace have adequate safety precautions in place to protect employees from falling materials? Even something as minor as a file box can cause serious injury -- but what about those industrial accidents involving larger items? As more and more stone fabrication workshops open throughout New Jersey and the neighboring areas, a growing number of our local employers need to start paying better attention to their safety protocols.

What types of lung diseases affect industrial workers?

Many New Jersey residents suffer from respiratory conditions that they contract on the job site. Although you may primarily think of lung diseases as they relate to asbestos and other similar materials, a variety of other conditions can develop for those who work around hazardous materials. These issues can affect workers from coal miners to furniture fabricators and beyond. Victims who have developed a lung disease because of mining or another type of job may be entitled to financial compensation.

Aviation maintenance workers more prone to occupational disease

Every day, tens of thousands of airplanes safely take off and land around the world due to the hard work and dedication of airline maintenance workers. While the work can be fulfilling, there is a downside for those who thrive in the airplane maintenance profession. They are often at a higher risk of developing an occupational disease.