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June 2015 Archives

New Jersey high court rules on workers' comp claims venues

The New Jersey Supreme Court has decided that cases involving an injury or death can be heard as tort claims rather than workers' compensation cases if there is a dispute over whether the worker is/was an independent contractor or employee. The state's high court ruled unanimously that if "there is a genuine dispute regarding the worker's employment status…the Superior Court has concurrent jurisdiction to resolve the dispute."

Are mast climbers more at risk for construction accidents?

Mast climbers, or rather, workers who spend their days on motorized scaffolding systems, first began appearing on the construction scene around 1983. A decade later, they were a familiar sight in cities with tall skylines, such as New York and Philadelphia. When the recession struck in the year 2008, however, many of the high-rise buildings that were scheduled to be built were either canceled or put on hold.

What are the causes of most forklift accidents?

Although accidents can happen in any type of workplace, the odds typically increase when there is a lot of activity going on. This can be particularly true in industrial type warehouses where there is complex machinery, such as forklifts, employee traffic on the floor, and a continuous sense of urgency to get things done.