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February 2014 Archives

Company continues to place workers at risk

Workers at many industrial sites recognize the danger that exists at their jobsite. They know that if they work in a chemical plant or a petroleum refinery, the danger of fire, explosion and toxic exposure is great. They, however, do not control the overall safety of the process.

Workers' compensation system, heal thyself

Dealing with insurance companies, workers' compensation forms, administrative hearings, courtroom proceedings and appeals can be stressful. We know, we are workers' compensation attorneys and spend a great deal of time in the system, so we understand why workers who are suffering from a work related injury or illness could be stressed by their dealings with the workers' compensation system.

Will we all be temporary workers one day?

Temporary workers face a greater risk of death and injury according to an investigation by ProPublica, that reviewed millions of workers' compensation claims made in five states. The study found that workers in some states faced up to a 72 percent greater chance of being injured on the job.

Winter taxing New Jersey budgets and workers

As the interminable winter of 2013-2014 drags on here in New Jersey, aside from the general discomfort and commuter woes during winter storm triggered traffic jams, the entities feeling the most pain from this winter are the highway maintenance departments and their budgets for snow removal. Many cities, counties and the state of New Jersey have already spent practically their entire budgets from last year, and we have not yet seen Valentine's Day.