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Workers’ compensation system, heal thyself

Dealing with insurance companies, workers’ compensation forms, administrative hearings, courtroom proceedings and appeals can be stressful. We know, we are workers’ compensation attorneys and spend a great deal of time in the system, so we understand why workers who are suffering from a work related injury or illness could be stressed by their dealings with the workers’ compensation system.

It is not too surprising that a recent study found that in some cases, the stress of filing a claim and dealing with the workers’ compensation process was itself stressful and this stress could create negative outcomes for many injured workers.

Now, we want to emphasize that no one who has suffered a workplace injury should refrain from submitting a claim or contacting workers’ compensation attorney about an injury. While the stress from a claim may have a some negative effect, obtaining medical benefits and other compensation is far more significant.

Receiving proper medical treatment is important and if your injury leaves you unable to return to work for weeks or months, workers’ compensation benefits providing a portion of your normal income may be essential for your financial wellbeing.

Your workers’ compensation attorney can help remove some of the stress from the process and can help explain the each step of the process, so you understand where your case stands along the way.

One commentator noted of the study that it the process should be made less stressful for participants, so that it does not undermine the very result it is attempting to achieve, returning a worker to their job as soon as possible.

Source: Reuters, “Stress of filing injury claims linked to poorer health later,” Kathryn Doyle, Feb. 12, 2014