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Strong Guidance For Social Security Disability Appeals

Hackensack Social Security Disability Appeals Attorneys

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplement Security Income (SSI) can be frustrating and confusing. When the Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews an application for disability benefits, medical information, level of education, and work history are taken into consideration. If the SSA believes your condition does not qualify as a disability or your work history and education allow you to continue working in another capacity, your application for benefits will be denied. At Parisi & Gerlanc, we understand how the SSA operates and how to prepare disability appeals according to their expectations and those of the court. We direct clients to medical specialists for additional documentation of their condition while preparing information pertinent to the functions of their job.

If your application for SSDI or SSI has been denied, contact the law office of Parisi & Gerlanc. Our social security disability appeals lawyers will review your case and determine how best to position your appeal.

Levels of Disability Appeals — Understanding the Process

  • Initial application: The initial submission and review of your application to determine if you qualify for disability benefits.

  • First level appeal: If your first application for benefits is rejected, you can resubmit your medical records, along with any additional medical information you want to add, within 60 days of your denial notification.

  • Administrative Hearing Appeal: After your first appeal is denied, you can request an administrative hearing appeal. Your appeal will be heard by an administrative law judge who will consider any medical information or testimony you or your doctor provide. During the administrative hearing appeal, the judge does not consider previous denials involving your case or the reasons given for making the denials. For this reason, the administrative hearing appeal represents the best chance people have for reversing earlier denials of their application.

  • Appeals Council review: If the administrative law judge rejects your appeal, you can request the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council to review your case. However, the Appeals Council generally does not consider new evidence. The Appeals Council will review any documentation and information already contained in your file and any written statement provided by you should you choose to submit one. You have only 60 days in which to request a review of your case by the Appeals Council after the denial of your administrative hearing appeal.

  • Federal Court review: If your case is denied by the Appeals Council, you can file an appeal in the District Court of Appeals in your jurisdiction. However, no new evidence will be considered. The court will review the transcript from your administrative law hearing and consider your medical records. If you decide to take your case to federal court, you have 60 days to enter an appeal after notification of your denial by the Appeals Council.

Taking the Next Step — Contact Parisi & Gerlanc

If your application for disability benefits has been denied, don’t panic. Our office has represented countless clients over the years in social security disability appeals cases. We understand what the issues are and how to position our clients’ cases in order to get results.

For more information regarding social security disability appeals, contact the law office of Parisi & Gerlanc today.

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