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Late with your claim? Too bad, so sad, says New Jersey

In the legal system, there are many deadlines. Some are known as jurisdictional deadlines. What this means is that if you fail to meet the deadline for whatever reason, your claim is dead. Forever. Workers' compensation insurance has similar deadlines. In New Jersey, you have 90 days after the occurrence of an injury to file a workers' compensation claim and provide notice to your employer.

Waitress loses workers' compensation claim in bar fight

The workers' compensation system in New Jersey functions to provide workers who have been injured in work-related activities. They can receive medical benefits and wages for the time they are injured, and in cases of severe injuries, permanent disability compensation is potentially available.  

Could government shut down compromise worker safety?

As the government shut down nears the conclusion of its second day, some people idly dismiss the shuttering of many federal agencies. They believe that these agencies provide nothing of value as they go about their day. Because they have never been injured on the job or filed a workers' compensation claim they think that the closing of the Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), has no impact on their safety.

Is your back killing you?

Back pain is a big problem for many workers in New Jersey. It not only causes pain and discomfort for millions, and is the second most common reason for people to visit a doctor, but it leaves 2.4 million chronically disabled. For those who have to stand and lift in the job, working in a factory assembly line or as a nurse in a health care facility moving patients, the risk of injury is high.

Christie vetoes New Jersey workers' comp enhancement

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vetoed legislation that would have changed the presumption for the cause of public safety workers' injuries within the workers' compensation system. Christie claimed the veto was necessary to prevent the bill from altering the balance of how the system determines if claim presents a valid workplace injury.

Can emergency personnel rely on Tier II reports?

New Jersey firefighters recognize they have a dangerous and risky job. After all, they run into burning buildings as everyone else is running out. And they suffer injuries on the job and apply for workers' compensation benefits, to help get by as they recover from their injuries. Sadly, sometimes the workers' compensation benefit being applied for is a death benefit for their family, after they have suffered a fatal injury doing their job.

High treatment costs for New Jersey work comp injuries

According to a study recently published by privately owned think-tank Workers' Compensation Research Institute, nearly two-thirds of states studied have a substantial disparity between what employer-provided private health insurance and workers' compensation insurance pay for the same medical procedures. The study examined comprehensive medical records from the 16 states that make up more than 60 percent of the country's annual paid workers' compensation medical care benefits.

Weakening workers' compensation laws benefits few

Workers' compensation laws are designed to ensure that injured workers receive some compensation for their injuries and during their recovery. Because many injured workers are out of work for week or months, they would otherwise need to go without income and be unable to provide for their families. Employers are always attempting to lower their costs and increase their profits.

NJ survivors to get lifetime workers' compensation benefits

A few weeks ago, we discussed a workers' compensation bill that was being considered by the legislature. That bill, S-1469 would allow the surviving spouses of firefighters and police officers who had died in the line of duty to receive workers' compensation, even after they had remarried. Some communities were concerned that the bill could cost them a great deal of additional resources to provide the expanded workers' compensation benefits to these spouses.

Its summer, OSHA warns of the dangers of heat

With summer here, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is again emphasizing the dangers of the summer heat for any workers who are exposed to high heat and humidity. While heat may affect workers in the South, OSHA's heat fatality map indicates at least three workers in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania have died due to heat stroke in the last four years.

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