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How to get messages out quickly to employees

Employers in New Jersey and elsewhere must take reasonable steps to keep their workers safe. While many companies have safety protocols in place, they may not be enough to truly prevent someone from getting hurt. For instance, an organization may lack the ability to alert workers of an emergency situation in a timely manner. A lack of communication could be caused by the fact that a company has too many workers to effectively oversee at once.

Study finds supervisors responsible for construction safety

Construction contractors in New Jersey and around the country largely depend on supervisors to deliver safety programs, according to a study by Dodge Data & Analytics. In fact, the report found that nearly three-quarters of construction companies rely on supervisors and foremen to present safety information to workers.

NIOSH releases indoor environmental quality recommendations

Construction workers in New Jersey and around the country have very dangerous jobs, and some of the biggest threats they face are posed by toxic substances. Lead and asbestos were widely used on construction projects for decades because they offer excellent protection against corrosion and fire, and it is not uncommon for construction workers to encounter them when working on demolition, refurbishment or repair projects. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides construction companies with standards for exposure to lead, asbestos and other toxic substances, but complying with these rules is not always easy.

On-the-job deaths rose 2% from 2017 to 2018

People in New Jersey might complain that their jobs are killing them, but the statement is not a joke for too many workers. The latest information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a 2% increase in work-related fatalities between 2017 and 2018. In 2017, 5,147 died in situations involving their workplaces. By 2018, the number of work-related deaths had gone up to 5,250.

Report says web giant avoided workplace safety rules

A report published jointly in Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting and The Atlantic indicates that web commerce giant Amazon may have dodged workplace safety officials for years prior to 2015. New Jersey readers might be interested in the specifics of the report. Amazon says it never had a policy of under-reporting employee injuries and claims that it introduced a policy to record all employee injuries during the year 2016. According to the report, though, the company took steps to minimize or shift blame for employee injuries or deaths on many occasions.

Company fined for safety violations

OSHA has fined a New Jersey company nearly $400,000 for what were referred to as repeated safety violations at a plant in Pennsauken. The fines were levied after an inspection in April 2019 found violations related to lockout/tagout procedures. An obstructed loading dock as well as blocked electrical disconnects were discovered during the April inspection. OSHA also said that the warehouse had improper lighting.

Overall employment conditions can affect worker health, safety

Many workers in New Jersey don't work traditional jobs with regular hours and job security but instead make money in the growing gig economy. The resulting differences in employment conditions can, taken together, have an effect on workers' mental and physical health as well as on their occupational injury risk. This was the conclusion of a study from the University of Washington. What makes this study unique is that it analyzes all employment conditions rather than a single factor like pay or the type of contract. The following are just some of the findings.

The effect of floor markings on workflow and safety

There are a number of benefits that employers in New Jersey can reap just by laying down floor markings around the facility. First off are the safety benefits. Employers can place reflective or fluorescent markings around structures like ramps, loading docks and beams as well as equipment that is easily overlooked, including electrical outlets and control panels.

Lead can cause many different health problems

New Jersey workers who ingest or inhale lead could be at risk for developing health issues. It is used in the creation of ammunition, building materials and fishing weights. It is also commonly used in car batteries and was used in gasoline until the 1980s. When lead enters the body, it can travel through the blood stream and come into contact with internal organs.

How to prevent pinch point accidents

Many New Jersey factory workers face serious risks from pinch points. A pinch point is a gap between two moving parts where a person or a body part could get caught or stuck. In some cases, pinch points involve spaces between a moving part and a stationary object. They are generally found in printing presses, press brakes or conveyors. Powered covers, doors and hatches may also contain dangerous pinch points.

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