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Occupational Diseases Archives

New Jersey firefighters can suffer from occupational diseases

Fire fighters are so trusted and responsive that we almost take them for granted. Anytime a structure fire or an emergency occurs, these brave men and women arrive almost miraculously to save human lives. We appreciate the work fire fighters deliver, but most of us do so in silence, assuming they will be here whenever they are needed.

Is it possible to contract a disease in the workplace?

COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, is a lung condition that typically worsens over time. Most people associate COPD with smoking, but that is not the only way a person can contract the illness. As with other lung conditions, some workplace elements can make COPD an occupational risk.

You can be compensated for contracting an occupational disease

Most New Jersey residents do not go to work in fear of coming down with a disease, but nevertheless it can still happen. As in all states, it is nearly impossible to specifically indentify the industries in New Jersey that may hold a risk of occupational disease. After all, occupational illnesses come in many forms.

Workers' comp claim denied for dying 9/11 animal rescuer

A woman who worked to rescue animals abandoned in New York City in the weeks following the September 11 attacks lost her battle with cancer this month. She had worked for the ASPCA as a humane law enforcement officer and special investigator for nearly 20 years, investigating reports of abuse and rescuing sick animals. However, in the weeks following 9/11, she spent her time around Ground Zero rescuing animals left in apartments that their owners weren't able to get to because the areas were restricted or evacuated.

Prolonged exposure can create significant hearing loss

Occupational hearing loss is often something that goes overlooked, as it doesn't happen all at once. Typically, you don't have an incident that stands out, where your hearing decreased quickly. After 20 years of working in the same factory, though, very pronounced hearing loss could be noted. It's important to remember that this could still be classified as an occupational injury, even without that lone event to point to.

Exposure, chemicals lead to high rates of worker skin disease

Chemicals. Most of us have a cabinet full of them below our sink at home, and we rarely think about their effects. But, for the more than 13 million workers who are exposed to dangerous substances and chemicals at their jobs throughout the U.S., potential exposure is a very real issue that needs to be discussed. Too many New Jersey workers face unsafe conditions and the potential risk of health problems such as cancer from exposure to pesticide and herbicide or other chemical exposure. Occupational skin diseases are some of the most common conditions that can result from chemical exposure.

What types of lung diseases affect industrial workers?

Many New Jersey residents suffer from respiratory conditions that they contract on the job site. Although you may primarily think of lung diseases as they relate to asbestos and other similar materials, a variety of other conditions can develop for those who work around hazardous materials. These issues can affect workers from coal miners to furniture fabricators and beyond. Victims who have developed a lung disease because of mining or another type of job may be entitled to financial compensation.

Aviation maintenance workers more prone to occupational disease

Every day, tens of thousands of airplanes safely take off and land around the world due to the hard work and dedication of airline maintenance workers. While the work can be fulfilling, there is a downside for those who thrive in the airplane maintenance profession. They are often at a higher risk of developing an occupational disease.

What you should know about carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in the hand and arm that is caused when a nerve becomes pinched in the wrist. The condition can cause tingling and numbness, among other symptoms. It can also cause weakness in the hand, which can give those who suffer from the disease a tendency to drop things they are holding.

What you should know about mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that typically appears in the lungs as well as the abdomen. This type of cancer was considered extremely rare until industries began using a fibrous material known as asbestos back during the 20th century. This material was once commonly used as a type of insulation since it was known to be both fire and heat resistant. Unfortunately, after a period of investigation, it was found that people who developed mesothelioma all had one thing in common. They had been exposed to asbestos.