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Industrial, Manufacturing And Warehouse Accidents Archives

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New Jersey Comcast worker, father of 3, electrocuted on the job

Dangerous jobs don't have to be unusual. Employees who make certain Bergen County neighborhoods are supplied with heat, light, trash pickup and cable do work other people often take for granted. You may not associate those jobs with life-threatening hazards, but the dangers exist and accidents are real.

New Jersey ink plant blamed for fire that injured 7 workers

Bergen County industrial workers have a right to expect employers to be concerned about safety. That doesn't mean all employers live up to those expectations. Lax safety precautions can lead to manufacturing accidents, serious worker injuries and sometimes, deaths.

How do New Jersey companies cope with manufacturing accidents?

Some Bergen County companies have no advance plans to deal with worker injuries or deaths. Without preparation, a manufacturing accident triggers an environment of chaos. Catastrophic injuries and fatalities are not the products of every workplace accident, but companies need to plan in case they are.

Surgery followed New Jersey worker’s industrial accident

A Bergen County employer should be informed as soon as possible after a work injury occurs, is suspected or becomes known. Making that report in a timely manner is important, so employers can file claims with workers' compensation insurers for employee benefits. If a worker is incapacitated by an injury or dies, someone else may file the report on the employee's behalf.

New Jersey worker's death draws federal lawmakers' attention

Companies that violate worker safety regulations in Bergen County are aware the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enforcement limitations. OSHA can recommend fines against violators, which often aren't meaty enough to stop continued unsafe practices. Federal regulators also aren't allowed to close down businesses.

Safety violations uncovered after New Jersey warehouse accident

Temporary workers often long for permanent jobs with perks, health care coverage and retirement plans. Many Bergen County temporary employees may feel that they have no benefits whatsoever, but that's not true when it comes to safety. The well-being of all workers, including short-term employees, is the responsibility of employers and agencies hired to fill temporary positions.

Back-to-back New Jersey industrial accidents kill 1, injure 1

Victims of work-related injuries are dependent upon swift action for medical care. Injured Bergen County employees and their families also expect workers' compensation claims to be handled expeditiously to pay for accident-related financial losses. Many families seek legal advice when claim delays and denials add pressure to an already-stressful situation.

New Jersey company cited after 2 workers' hands are crushed

Even if you've never heard of the exclusive remedy doctrine, you're already adhering to the legal provision by working for a Bergen County employer. The American Bar Association says the doctrine is part of the deal employees make to receive workers' compensation benefits following an occupational illness or injury. Companies agree to provide insurance benefits because workers agree not to sue them for liability.

New Jersey contractor suffers severe electrical shock

Some Bergen County jobs are more dangerous than others, but that does not excuse negligence when a worker is injured or dies. Many employees hurt at work never look beyond workers' compensation benefits to cover their losses. They could be missing the chance to receive a damage award through a New Jersey civil claim.

Company continues to place workers at risk

Workers at many industrial sites recognize the danger that exists at their jobsite. They know that if they work in a chemical plant or a petroleum refinery, the danger of fire, explosion and toxic exposure is great. They, however, do not control the overall safety of the process.