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Construction Accidents Archives

Employers need to plan for bad weather

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers have an obligation to protect their employees in bad weather conditions. They need to plan properly, equip the workers to deal with the conditions and train them in advance. This can prevent injuries, fatalities and illnesses.

As construction has increased, safety compliance has suffered

The U.S. is experiencing a residential building boom. That is good news for the millions of people who earn their living in the construction industry. However, it has also led to more worksite injuries and fatalities. Construction-related deaths rose by 5 percent in 2014.

Fatal accidents while backing up are strikingly common

It's been said that a high percentage of car accidents happen when drivers are moving in reverse, even though they do it for such a small percentage of the time that they are behind the wheel, and the same thing applies to the construction industry. Heavy equipment and large trucks that are used on site pose a serious risk due to their size, blind spots, and the noise of a construction site.

The inherent risks of the construction industry

The work that construction workers do helps to keep New Jersey's physical infrastructure intact, building homes, roads and places of business. It's very important work, but it also carries with it some inherent risks. While safety measures can help to reduce these risks, they're never doing to do away with them entirely. Examples of these risks and hazards include:

Mobile phones can increase danger on a construction site

A lot has been said lately about the dangers of texting and driving, or using cell phones in any way while behind the wheel. However, it's also important to look at the way that these distractions can be dangerous in other settings, including a construction site.

Construction worker claims lead to $26 million award for leg loss

A construction worker in New Jersey has won a massive jury award after a serious workplace accident caused him to lose his leg. The man, age 22, suffered severe injuries in the construction accident, which occurred when he plunged 20 feet through a hole at a work site. The victim had been directing a steel delivery when the 2012 accident occurred. He stepped on some plywood that had been covering a large hole; the flimsy wood gave way and caused the man to suffer a violent fall.

Questions often asked about hard hats

Workers on construction sites are typically required to wear hard hats as part of their uniforms. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration often gets questions about these hard hats, and they've provided a few answers to help workers know what to do to stay safe and avoid accidents in New Jersey.

Forklift construction accident leaves man in critical condition

A New Jersey man suffered serious injuries at work in late October when he was run over with an industrial forklift. The construction accident victim, age 24, was working at a residential construction site when the incident occurred. The driver of the forklift was backing the vehicle up at the time of the accident, and he apparently did not see the victim before driving over him. The operator's vision was obstructed, but news reports have not said whether this was because of improper use of the forklift.