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Work-related hazards service technicians face

People who work as service technicians or automotive mechanics must have a safe work environment. There are many hazards that are common in this industry. Garage owners should know what dangers these workers face so they can find ways to keep them safe. 

Each year, around 13,150 service technicians and mechanics face illnesses or injuries related to their job duties that force them to take time off work. Here are some of the more common hazards that should be addressed in every shop:

Exposure to chemicals

Chemicals that are used in vehicles can be dangerous. The fumes off them can cause problems with breathing. Some chemicals can burn the skin. They’re all dangerous if they splash into the eyes. Be sure you use proper personal protective equipment if you’re working with any chemicals. 

Slippery floors

Fluids from vehicles may fall on the floor. This is sometimes very slippery. Keeping the floors clean can help to prevent slips. Some garages require mechanics to have non-slip shoes, so that might be something automotive repair shop owners can consider. 

Dangerous power tools

All mechanics should understand how to safely use the tools they need to complete jobs. They should always check these tools to ensure they’re suitable for use. Anything with frayed wires or damaged components shouldn’t be used until they’re repaired or replaced. 

Any service technician who suffers an injury at work should get immediate medical care. This is also true if they start to feel ill because of work-related conditions. Workers’ compensation should cover the medical care, as well as other financial damages like missed wages. If your workers’ compensation claim isn’t going as expected, you have every right to seek experienced assistance.