Survey: most drivers fear distractions are on the rise

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Distractions are on the rise, according to 82% of respondents to a Netradyne online survey. You may be wondering what the most common distractions are for drivers in New Jersey and across the U.S. According to the survey, that would be drinking liquids. Yet it is social media use that leads to the most serious, even fatal, consequences.

What the online survey involved

The artificial intelligence firm commissioned the survey while Harris Interactive conducted it. Taking place from Feb. 25 to March 10, it involved a total of 1,248 drivers. Each was 18 or older, had a standard driving license and used a vehicle on at least a weekly basis.

While most fear the rise in distractions and half of respondents even expressed their concern that driving was becoming less safe overall, there was little thought about improving their own driving. Ninety-one percent considered themselves safe drivers, and less than half agreed that they could improve in that regard.

The consequences of distracted driving

Twenty percent of respondents admitted to receiving points on their license or being fined as a result of driving distracted. More seriously, one in seven said they were in a crash that led to injuries and/or the total loss of their vehicle. Sadly, most of these crashes can be avoided with simple defensive driving techniques.

For the innocent victims of car accidents

When the victims of motor vehicle accidents cannot have their losses covered by PIP insurance, they could file a third-party insurance claim. Perhaps this describes your own situation. You may want a lawyer to conduct an evaluation of your case. If hired, the lawyer may bring in third-party investigators to help strengthen your case. Distracted driving can be hard to prove in some cases, but the lawyer may make it easier for you to achieve a fair settlement.