A large number of employees report smartphone distractions

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

An increased number of employees in New Jersey report using smartphones and other digital devices on the job. While most people see this as an issue with productivity, being distracted by smartphones can actually cause workplace injuries. A recent study showed that 14% of workers admitted that being distracted by a smartphone caused a workplace accident. Out of these accidents, half of them caused injuries or death, and over half caused property damage.

Employees who work in industry and construction reported an even higher number of workplace accidents caused by smartphone distractions. Nearly a third of the respondents reported accidents, and over half the accidents resulted in injury or death. Three-fourths of the accidents caused property damage.

As for people who work from home, over half of the people who were surveyed admitted to browsing their phone or tablet during work hours. They said they were spending more time talking on the phone, texting, sending emails and using social media.

Despite these numbers, nearly half of the survey respondents reported that their workplace had policies to prevent smartphone distraction. A small percentage of the respondents said that they wished their employer did more to help combat the issue.

How can workers get help filing for workers’ compensation?

If an individual is injured during a workplace accident, they might be entitled to workers’ compensation. During the process, an attorney may be able to help them file for compensation and represent their client if they encounter any legal challenges during the process.

If their employer or insurance company declines to provide them with full coverage, their attorney might help them negotiate for the maximum compensation that they’re entitled to. Workers’ compensation attorneys may be able to assist clients with a variety of cases, including back injuries, construction site accidents and injuries caused by repetitive stress.