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How to get messages out quickly to employees

Employers in New Jersey and elsewhere must take reasonable steps to keep their workers safe. While many companies have safety protocols in place, they may not be enough to truly prevent someone from getting hurt. For instance, an organization may lack the ability to alert workers of an emergency situation in a timely manner. A lack of communication could be caused by the fact that a company has too many workers to effectively oversee at once.

In some cases, workers may not perform tasks in a central location or remain in one spot during their shifts. Ideally, companies will have multiple tools at their disposal to get a message out to every worker as quickly as possible. For example, companies could choose to send text messages, make phone calls and send email alerts if an emergency arises. By relying on multiple forms of communication, organizations can maximize the chances of reaching their people as quickly as possible.

Organizations should think about the types of messages that they want to send before an emergency occurs. They should also consider whether messages should be sent to everyone in the company or to select people such as a security guard or team leader. Using automated tools can help to get a notification out in less time, which can help workers evacuate a building or take cover from an active shooter.

Workers who are hurt or get sick at work for any reason could be entitled to compensation. In most cases, workers will file workers’ compensation claims in an effort to obtain payment for medical bills and for lost wages. However, workers might be able to file a personal injury case if they are hurt because of an employer’s negligence. An attorney may help an injured worker pursue legal action.