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January 2020 Archives

NIOSH releases indoor environmental quality recommendations

Construction workers in New Jersey and around the country have very dangerous jobs, and some of the biggest threats they face are posed by toxic substances. Lead and asbestos were widely used on construction projects for decades because they offer excellent protection against corrosion and fire, and it is not uncommon for construction workers to encounter them when working on demolition, refurbishment or repair projects. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides construction companies with standards for exposure to lead, asbestos and other toxic substances, but complying with these rules is not always easy.

Red light crashes injure thousands each year

Car accidents caused by drivers running red lights take 800 lives in New Jersey and across the country each year while injuring thousands more people. In many cases, those harmed in these crashes are pedestrians, cyclists and the occupants of other vehicles who had no chance to anticipate a car speeding toward them through a red light. Because running red lights poses such a threat to highway safety, red light cameras have been adopted by many municipalities as a means to crack down on violators while increasing revenue from traffic tickets. The cameras are posted on the lights and take photos of the license plates of cars running through red signals; the drivers later receive tickets in the mail.

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